The insight-driven role of finance in a changing world

We commissioned a large scale, global study with the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants exploring the future of the finance function.

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Only 37% of respondents said finance business partnering was a truly embedded and fundamental part of decision-making and strategy.

Finance is impacted by a number of global trends creating an urgent need for Finance to better support the business. This requires the role and capabilities of Finance to be reframed.

Our study draws on over 3,500 Finance professionals to across 10 countries to show how you can further advance and refine the way you approach your Finance function within your own organisation.

How will you seize the opportunity to transform your Finance function?


Brian Furness

Global Consulting Finance Leader, Partner
PwC United Kingdom

“Historically, we've been very focused on the financial value added. I think what we're going to see, what we are seeing, and we will see more of is a balance around the six capitals.”